This family name is of French origin, according to my information. In the middle of the 13th Century the gentleman Rausic Emmanuel, obtained in France the privilege of nobility. A son of this Nanuel or Emmanuel named Ventura Rausic, showed in Spain the letters patent of nobility in the kingdom authorization to be established in his position of nobility in the Kingdom of Valencia. The descendants of Ventura obtained privileges of nobility in Spain. Among these were the gentleman Gines Rosique ‑‑ the name was already given the Castillian form ‑‑ and another Gines Rosique, the Second, who obtained in the years 1579 and 1601 respectively their status of nobility and established a homestead in the City of Cartegena in the Province of Murcia. The gentlemen married with their illustrious families of the locality.


Pedro Rosique, a permanent alderman of Cartagena, married dona Josepha Gilabert and there was born of this union Frederico Rosique Gilabert, a permanent alderman. He was named a gentleman of the Order of Santaage. The son of Pedro was also named Pedro Rosique; he was a gentleman of equal Santiagan rank and entered into the Royal Navy.


An author writes that the oldest families of this lineage were in Catalan, from where its illustrious offspring migratedto various major places, principally Murcia and Cantagena, enjoying everywhere the respect of sons of the nobility. Queen Isabel the Second, gave in 1847 to Don Miquel Tacon Rosique, who had already obtained the titles of Marquis of Bayamo and of the Union, the titles of Duke of the Union of Cuba.


The coat of arms of the Rosique family is three Red Roses on a Field of Gold.